About the Campaign

The Chrysalis Campaign is "Creating P.E.A.C.E from within by loving the body and nurturing the soul.."

The word chrysalis is not one we hear very often yet most of us recognize it as the stage of the caterpillar where the most growth occurs to become the beautiful butterfly. This change takes place within the walls of the chrysalis, where the eye cannot see. Like the caterpillar, we too must go through change on the inside to radiate the beauty that we are all searching for...the beauty that lies within each of us.The Chrysalis Campaign provides an avenue for women to nurture their soul by helping them find inner PEACE and radiate outer beauty by loving their beauty within.   P.E.A.C.E is a five step process: Prepare the mind by shifting the thought process, Empower the body through physical exertion, Accentuate the positive with daily affirmations, Create your ideal life and optimum health by setting realistic goals, Enrich others through The Butterfly Effect. 
  I love this quote by Maya Angelou "We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that great beauty." Isn't that the case with each of us? We often see someone else that we perceive to be beautiful, yet we don't stop to think what they do to achieve that beauty! Some go through horrendous amounts of cosmetic surgery, spend hours upon hours a day on the way they look from their makeup to their body, and the media takes it even further and distorts images so much that all too often the person that was in the beginning of the image looks completely different when the final product is printed. It's time to change the way we perceive ourselves and not let the media or anyone else determine what we think is beautiful!

Join the campaign today and start with YOU! How are you changing the way YOU perceive yourself?